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The Ecole du Vin de France is recommended and supported by many companies in Hong Kong and around.

Cru Magazine - Specialized Wine Magazine

Cru is a new bilingual wine and lifestyle monthly magazine. It features the latest news and in-depth stories on wine and spirits, as well as exclusive interviews with international wine experts and renowned sommeliers.

Through a variety of wine tasting events made possible by the generous support of the local wine industry, Cru magazine is able to offer a professional viewpoint on the latest wines. It also shares new knowledge on wine tasting to its readers by our panel of professional sommeliers in Hong Kong.

Alliance Française de Macao

Since its creation, 25 years ago, the Alliance Française of Macao has taught more than 10 000 students. They have attached great importance to promoting French language and culture in Macao and are actively engaged in enforcing the links between France and Macau SAR.

Ô Muse - Water Grand Cru

The source for Ô Muse is called Sainte Anne and it emerges in the small village of Abatilles about 20 minutes from Bordeaux. The natural mineral water from the famous Bordeaux wine region is also called "La Bordelaise" or "Le Grand Cru" in reference to its prestigious origin.

The name Ô Muse exists since 1715 when the great great ... grandfather of the current owner wrote a poem in 1715, to a lady which ultimately became his wife. The poem started with the words Ô Muse and a tradition was born. The owners have a family tradition going back to the 10th century specializing in the Bordeaux wines.

Today Ô Muse de Bordeaux is adding another Grands Crus to the world, only this time it's a very special water.

FCCIHK - French Chamber in Hong Kong

Created in 1986, the French Chamber in Hong Kong is today the largest European Chamber in Hong Kong and one of the largest French Chambers in Asia-Pacific. With more than 750 members of various nationalities, one of their strengths is to be able to respond to the needs of both large corporations as well as SMEs.

Their mission is to contribute to developing and fostering economic, commercial and financial relations between France and Hong Kong. To achieve this, they provide a comprehensive information platform, promote Members' interests to industry leaders and key decision-makers, and offer an extensive range of communication tools. In short, they connect people, ideas and actions.

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