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Both the trade press and the general public refer to Ecole du Vin as the leading provider of oenology courses.

HK Economics

Ecole du Vin de France is one of France's major schools of oenology, with over 15,000 students. Present in Hong Kong over the last year, the first courses will be offered in October 2011.

Although there are already organizations that offer courses, this will be the first school centred on fine wines in Asia. This training is offered by a teaching staff composed of renowned experts from France with extensive knowledge of vintages, winemakers and wine regions. The training lasts 20 hours and covers several themes: wines from Bordeaux and from Burgundy, food and wine pairings and so on. Ecole du Vin de France plans to welcome 200 students this year and up to 500 students next year.

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New York Times - International fame, at last!

Famous not only in France but now internationally, the Ecole du Vin de France has just gone global with a recent interview with The New York Times. Indeed the school was chosen to give its views about the new trends on wine buyers in Asia.

France 2 - France's largest television channel

Olivier Thiénot was the guest of Stéphane Bern, a famous French television host.
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Hachette Wine Guide - France's most important wine guide

"The Hachette Wine Guide is the preferred partner of Ecole du Vin and recommends Ecole du Vin for the quality of its oenology courses."

La Revue du Vin de France - A prestigious publication about the French wine world.

"Through his Ecole du Vin de Paris created in 2003, Olivier Thiénot invites you to learn the fundamentals of wine tasting. Courses and workshops are organized around seven 2.5 hour à la carte sessions. Olivier Thiénot nonetheless recommends starting with the "The Art of Wine Tasting" session. Olivier Thiénot's courses are a great way to discover the magical world of wine tasting."

Elle - A prestigious fashion magazine

Bet on a sure thing! Use the oenology gift certificate to follow a high quality wine tasting course.

Grazia - France's trendy women's magazine

Bread, circuses and... wine! After Paris and Lyon, Ecole du Vin opens in the Couvent des Minimes Alliance Hotel in Lille. Ready to start tasting?

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