Ecole du Vin de France provides you with the knowledge you need to better understand wine tasting in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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Junya L.

"The training offered by Ecole du Vin is very serious and exhaustive. The instructor was enthusiastic and was fully versed in the subject matter, especially French wines from the Bordeaux and Bourgogne regions."

Jean-Yves C.

"As a participant over the last three days, I would simply like to thank you for this intense, exhaustive training. My compliments to our trainer, who was efficient, pleasant and very competent."

David S.

"Ecole du Vin is a serious, top level institution in the field of viticultural and vinicultural education. I both appreciated the high quality of the teaching staff and the institution's environment and infrastructure in Paris. If the school in Hong Kong follows this model, it will become known as a serious competitor in this field." 

Judith B.

"Through tasting and discussion of the many varieties and qualities of wine, we students left the class (...) with an ease and familiarity of tasting and discerning attributes of various wines. The facts were presented in clear, easily assimilated segments with enough diversity to keep everyone interested, and in an informal yet serious manner. I am better able to discuss wines with my clients, and enjoy trying different wines and comparing them using the parameters given us in the class. Instead of fading from memory, this vocabulary of reflection and taste has become part of my senses. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ecole du Vin to anyone desiring to acquire a usable knowledge of wine for both professional and personal use."

Antoine V.

"First of all, huge thanks for these three days of high quality training. I have the sense that I have progressed markedly and thoroughly look forward to following the next course level. I would like to thank the instructor for her accompaniment during this training and for her great teaching sense. Her delight and enthusiasm were most contagious! »

Matthieu C.

"The elements that I appreciated were as follows: Educationally sound, flexible training (...); the diversity of the wines tasted; the alternation between theoretical and practical elements."

Zhou F.

"It was truly a training session with a pronounced intensity and with lots of nose. Mr. Olivier Borneuf is an oak cask who adds even more nose to this training session, the information received is robust, without being overly tannic, and the length, haha, what a long finish+++
Conclusion: excellent!"

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