Session Participants

Training sessions offered by Ecole du Vin have made the wishes of a large number of participants a reality by validating their knowledge of wines and spirits. 

Please find below a list of all of our graduates.

QIAN Shuang WSET - Intermediate Merit 10 / 2012
QIAO Pei-Xian WSET - Intermediate Merit 09 / 2013
QIU Xiaoyan WSET - Intermediate Pass 10 / 2011
QIU Li EDV Certification I 92% 09 / 2012
QUEMPER Alain WSET - Intermediate Pass 09 / 2012
QUERE Yohan WSET - Intermediate Distinction 06 / 2009
QUINERY Hélène WSET - Intermediate Distinction 03 / 2013

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