Private Wine Courses

Our exclusive private wine tasting courses are available for your clients or your company's employees, or for universities and other educational institutions, with durations ranging from a few hours to several days.

Your In-House Degree Program

We can offer our courses at your business or restaurant to train your employees and improve your bottom line.

Are you developing training courses in hotel management, luxury goods, communication, tourism or gastronomy for a university or other educational institution? By adding modules from Ecole du Vin de France you will create a complete and attractive educational package.

If you are organizing a wine-related trade show or event, contact Ecole du vin de France to construct your own in-house wine academy that benefits from our international renown.

Exclusive Services

We offer training modules whose duration ranges from a few hours to several days, depending on the level of qualification sought.

Our high-calibre experts travel throughout Asia and offer courses in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

We supply comprehensive course materials, including wine tasting notebooks, manuals, Power Point presentations in English, in traditional Chinese and in simplified Chinese.

All logistical needs are covered: wines, glasses, wine tasting equipment, delivered to the location of your choice.

And above all, our degree programs are recognized throughout the wine world.

Wine Education

Wine education is essential for professionals working in the wine sector, and more generally, for anyone seeking to establish refined social relationships.

Studies have shown that individuals employed in the wine sector who benefit from a wine education sell a greater volume of wine, especially of more expensive wines.

Individuals who have received an adequate level of wine education are able to:

  • Speak about wine with others and demonstrate a refined level of education
  • Promote wines in stores, restaurants and other establishments
  • Understand wine labels and imagine how a wine might potentially taste
  • Find the best wines at the best prices, at a good quality-price ratio
  • Understand how grape varieties, terroirs and other factors influence the qualities of a wine
  • Offer advice on how to create an environment suitable for wine tasting, sales and serving
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Wine Courses
Discover our various wine tasting courses

Earn a prestigious diploma! Would you like to know fine wines? We are offering multiple courses for differents levels in Fine Wines.

Discover our various wine tasting courses

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